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School premises

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Our school is located on app. 7.000 m2 plot in a pleasant area in the center of Dolní Břežany. The school is comprised of a complex of several buildings that were gradually built. The last extension was finished in August 2015.

New buildings: The new extension was finished in August 2015, and created new space for the second grade of the elementary school and the grammar school. The new extension is comprised of a complex of three buildings. There is a fully equipped kitchen and dining room in the first building. There is a multifunctional gym and a 20- meter-long swimming pool in the second one. There are several classrooms and a research room upstairs. Besides the classrooms there is a music studio, a study and an art workshop in the third building.

Wooden extension: Wooden extension accommodates two classrooms, one 95 m2 multifunctional room offering a large space for both creative and sports activities. There is also a spacious hall with lockers available for the first graders, and sanitary facilities.

The classrooms are furnished with wooden furniture and equipped with quality teaching aids (Montessori teaching aids, etc.). There is also an interactive board available in each classroom, and plenty of educational software that is very popular with children.


Kindergarten Premises

24An extensive reconstruction of the school ground floor took place in summer 2010. Da Vinci Kindergarten resides on this floor. There are two play rooms, a changing room, a dining room and kindergarten sanitary facilities.

The roof of the building together with the trussing and ceiling were replaced in Summer 2011, followed by building three new classrooms for the elementary school, two teachers’ preparation rooms , and new sanitary facilities on the first floor.


There are both common and less usual play units in the garden (climbing frames, swings, sandpit with a play house and a slide, trampolines, a tree house, a mound hill with a tunnel, a multifunctional playground, etc.). The garden offers everyone plenty of space to play, to do arts and crafts, to learn outside, to explore and discover nature, to do sports and to relax.

There are also herbs growing in beds in our garden. The herbs are used by our chefs in the school kitchen.


Chalet Artur

bouda-artur01Our school chalet is situated in Velká Úpa in Krkonoše Mountains, not far from Pec pod Sněžkou. The chalet is used by both adults and children for summer and winter stays, such as residential outdoor schools, ski courses, teambuilding camps.

There are 45 beds available in the chalet. Accommodation facilities include double and for-bed rooms with a shared bathroom, and 3 apartments with a private bathroom.

There is a large, fully equipped kitchen downstairs. There is also a large living room that includes a comfortable sitting area with a fire place. There is a sunroom, a ski room, a sauna and a large Jacuzzi with shower units in the chalet.