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About Our School

Da Vinci School is a private innovative school based on democratic principles. Our school was opened in 2010 and is located in the village of Dolní Břežany on the outskirts of Prague. The campus houses a kindergarten, primary and secondary school, and a school counselling centre. Our students and teachers can make use of a gym, swimming pool, as well as specialised classrooms for teaching arts and ceramics, music, and science. The school also has its own café called Caffinci and a school cafeteria. The forest kindergarten is located about 2 km away from the campus.

In our school, a lot of attention is paid to student autonomy and independence in learning; internal motivation - of both students and teachers - is of greatest priority. In our understanding, school is a place where both students and teachers learn constantly - it is a place for lifelong learning, but also a place where we experience the “Now”. Both students and teachers take part in the decision-making processes of the school.

Teachers work around subjects and subject areas aiming for interdisciplinarity. The older the students are, the more opportunities they have to influence their educational path, taking over responsibility for their own learning. Project work is an integral part of the school curriculum at all stages of schooling. Through project work, we encourage the formation of mixed-age and mixed-ability groups, supporting peer learning and the development of soft skills, teamwork and leadership, as well as discussion skills, presentation skills, and research skills.

Currently, 262 children and teenagers attend our school, accompanied by 50 teachers and 11 members of non-teaching staff.

Our Values

  • We help everyone to be themselves and to express themselves freely.
  • We support the development of internal motivation.
  • We create a safe environment based on mutual trust.
  • We create our school together and participate in the decision-making.
  • We support the understanding of one's self-awareness, self-worth, values and attitudes.
  • We act freely and accept responsibility for our actions.
  • We live a full life in the here and now.
  • We support the maximum use of one's potential.
  • We respect everyone's right to unconditional acceptance and love.
  • We perceive learning as a life journey to the fundamental questions.

International cooperation

We are keen on international cooperation and have many partner schools in a number of countries, both across Europe and worldwide. We have participated in a number of class exchanges as well as Erasmus+ projects. Currently, we are conducting two Erasmus+ KA1 projects thanks to which our teachers attend courses and visit schools abroad. We also host incoming teachers and teaching assistants from abroad. 

Our Erasmus Plus Course

Thanks to our experience with all kinds of projects as well as with various innovative methods, we have decided to create our own Erasmus Plus course. The course is called Reflection as a part of the educational process, school activities, and a source of inspiration.

Reflection that is conducted properly can be a great source of inspiration. It can make teaching more effective and develop the relationship not only between you and your students, but also the relationships the students have among themselves. This course can become the starting point for your further (self)development and your work with the class.

Sounds interesting? Learn more about the course here. Come and learn with us! Play and get inspired!

Contact information

School Office:
Markéta Kořínková at marketa.korinkova@skoladavinci.cz

Deputy Head for International Cooperation:
Jana Němečková at jana.nemeckova@skoladavinci.cz

Da Vinci School
Na Drahách 20  
252 41 Dolní Břežany 
Czech Republic
VAT: CZ71341137
OID: E10093020 (Erasmus+ Organisation ID)


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