Da Vinci Grammar School, Primary School and Kindergarten
Na Drahách 20

252 41 Dolní Břežany
IČO: 71341137 
Accredited  by MŠMT since 1.9.2010
Bank account: 2488100329/0800

School Commitee Members
Martin Lukeš, Jana Vlachová, Jiřina Ondráčková, Jan Červinka, Rostislav Vlach



Mgr. Jiří Bureš PhD., principal
tel.: 226 299 700
e-mail: info@skoladavinci.cz

School Office – Markéta Kořínková
tel.: 226 299 701
e-mail: marketa.korinkova@skoladavinci.cz

ERASMUS and Exchange programmes – Jana Němečková
e-mail: jana.nemeckova@skoladavinci.cz

School Advantages

  • Small number of pupils in a class
  • Czech school with above-standard English language teaching
  • High-quality staff
  • The pupil’s interest takes the center stage
  • Project-based learning method and comprehensive understanding

  • Pupils’ participation in the educational process
  • The pupils’ participation in setting up school rules
  • Support of the way towards healthy life attitude and healthy lifestyle
  • Various after school activities and interest groups
  • Small school with nice atmosphere

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